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Teens, Europe and Twitter…

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

While some have valued lately Twitter to $10 billion dollars, a number of other recent reports also suggest:

–       that number of continental European users are certainly growing but have not yet reached the million users.

In France, a recent poll shows Twitter with only 28% of awareness level when compared to 93% for Facebook.

IFOP Poll Table

(Source IFOP France – poll executed June 2009)

The number of French Twitter users could be as high as 100,000 at end of June.

In Germany a recent research shows a quick growth in number of users reaching the 150,000 level last July.

German Twitter Users

–        that teens are one demographic that just doesn’t seem to be embracing Twitter (like the rest of us).

In a recent TechCrunch post written by guest Geoff Cook, cofounder and CEO of social networking site myYearbook, he highlights the top reasons why Twitter is not more popular among teens:

  • Teens already update their status religiously on other sites like Facebook, MySpace, and myYearbook.
  • Teens use MySpace to keep up with musicians and celebrities, which MySpace differentiates on.
  • As a group, teens are not major consumers of news from any outlet, making “staying current” a poor driver of mainstream adoption — though of course there are exceptions.
  • Teens use both MySpace and Facebook to keep up with friends they know.

Given the above, it is no surprise that teen penetration is not higher. The value proposition of Twitter to the majority of teens is the issue.

Why Teens Not Using Twitter

–        that FaceFacebook enhances your intelligence but Twitter takes it away as very recently claimed by psychologist Dr. Tracey Alloway, from the University of Stirling in Scotland.

Now, regardless of how Twitter could be valued today or tomorrow and whether millions of people would have lost some or all of their brain cells, one thing is for sure: the number of active users in Europe are growing very fast.

We are seeing as well new innovative services built around Twitter like the recently launched Twitemploi, in France a micro-blogging job twitter service. Post an offer on Twitemploi and it will appear on the site, at the @twitemploi account and/or or your Twitter account with hastag #emploi.

If Tweets are surely limited to 140 characters, the number of new services developed around Twitter are surely unlimited.

Apple’s Apps Store is a huge success. Will Twitter Apps follow the same path?