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CallSpark: will social media transforms your phone call?

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment


CallSpark, headquartered in San Francisco, California, makes your phone calls smarter, with its new launched two killer features (as summarized by Ben Parr):

1. Help find a phone number: This feature is essentially a super-smart search engine for phone numbers. It will look through “white pages, yellow pages, Facebook, Salesforce” and more info that relate to the person you were searching for. It then uses GPS to help rank the results so that you get the most relevant.

2. Social media information: When you call a friend, CallSpark will display their Facebook status, LinkedIn and Salesforce info, and even their latest tweet. This can help you figure out your friend’s mood or the past history of the client you’re calling so you have the edge.

To get a better explanation of CallSpark, Ben Parr from Mashable took his flip cam and asked Adrian of CallSpark.

Here’s the video:

Want to try it? Point your iPhone, Android or Palm Pre phone at their web search to get started!