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Catch-up TV is good for European Broadcasters

Marc Tessier, ex- CEO of France Televisions (public broadcaster) and now CEO of GLOWRIA one of the VoD leader in France, commented recently (March 09) on the LeBuzzMedia (streamed on and to Orange customers on mobile, IPTV and PC TV) about the great value catch-up TV brings to broadcasters.  Tessier considers that the on demand TV consumption will reprent around 15 to 20% of the total TV consumption in 3 to 4 years.

BBC was one of the first in Europe to launch their catch-up television, iPlayer, which over a period of 5 months of operation reached 75 million video downloads and recorded 700,000 daily requests to view in April 08.

At the same period, ‘M6 Replay’ of the RTL owned media company M6, recorded 17 million viewings in its first three months of operation and had 1.2 million visitors.

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