GLITNER is from Nordic mythology, a hall where the god Forsete sat and solved people’s problems.

GLITNER’s vision is to become the VoD infomediation B2B network

“Linking rights-holders, content and platforms”

Content producers and distributors are regularly faced with the fact that too little exposure is given to their catalogues.  Indeed, often, catalogues are simply not available to the public even though they have commercial value.  The costs of rendering these films/programmes available are more important than the expected returns, especially for the distribution of films in territories other that the ones in which they are originally produced. Digital technologies should help distribution and promotion using innovative and collaborative tools in the new context of social media networks.

This context is rapidly changing due to the deployment of Internet broadband accesses in Europe and the rest of the world; thus enabling new mediums for film distribution.  New technologies and the Internet are marking the grounds for unforeseen innovation opportunities in order to bridge the gap between content producers/distributors and the audience. The opportunities are countless and range from development of VoD distribution channels over the Internet, such as ITV, to content distribution over IP networks, such as IPTV, to innovative recommendation tools to find relevant content.

For the first time in history, all films produced in a given country can not only be available to audiences around the world, but can also do so in a favourable economic context.  However, legal and commercial management is crucial to the development of this emerging industry.  Rights-holders and VoD platforms need to work together in order to allow for the deployment of an efficient and organised industry.

GLITNER is intended as a business-to-business (B2B) service related to the specific world of Video-on-Demand (VoD) exploitation of audiovisual content. The service enables main VoD actors to connect and deal with each other:

  • Rights-holders & Producers who own the rights to license VoD content to third parties and are looking to monetize their content via digital distribution
  • VoD content providers & aggregators who negotiate with rights-holders to constitute a specific VoD collection through mandates and/or exploitation licenses
  • VoD platforms operators who offer VoD services and needs to connect with rights-holders and VoD content providers.


GLITNER’s primary objectives are:

  • To help increase the digital circulation and viewership of audiovisual content inside and outside the European Union facilitating the VoD licensing process between players
  • To network databases broadening and strengthening the access to catalogues’ exploitation
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