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Building a Twitter Ad Agency for Entertainment Companies

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

In the wake of her high profile promotion of AMC’s “Mad Men” show on Twitter, Carri Bugbee has built a Twitter-based ad agency (Big Deal PR) for entertainment clients.

Last February, the first annual Shorty Awards honored Mrs. Bugbee’s “MadMen’ character tweets as the year’s best Twitter advertising campaign. Find out more about the details of how she did it in this video interview by AdvertisingAge.

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Video of Bob Garfield Chaos Scenario

October 7, 2009 1 comment

Has the digital revolution got you a little worried? Confounded? Hopeful? Uh…RUINED? Watch The Chaos Scenario video on thriving in the Post-Media Age.

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VODKASTER: take a movie shot

September 28, 2009 2 comments


Who haven’t dream of finding that famous scene in that specific film?

Who haven’t repeated hundred times with friends the dialog of those two actors from that great movie?

Today, your dream came true… at least for French film lovers (to start). Vodkaster, the video collaborative platform has launched its beta service this morning. Users can watch thousands of film extracts, can help indexing them (tag, actors names, category/type of scene), commenting them, linking different scenes together, and sharing their findings with other members of the growing Vodkaster community.

Users have as well the possibility to upload extracts of films from YouTube, limited to 3 minutes length.

Users can create their own playlist from the thousands of film extracts available on Vodkaster and share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter.


At this stage, it is difficult to evaluate the future success of Vodkaster, which seems to be related to the number of fans that will freely register to the platform and collaboratively help uploading and indexing movie excerpts. The challenge will then be to monetize this audience and catalog of film excerpts. Probably licensing them to VoD platforms as additional teasers selected by film lovers … will see.

Dotan – Since I saw you

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Dotan … since I saw you…can’t download you!!!

I’m always amazed (and surprised) about HOW complicated it can be to download sometime legal music on the net… a quick experience I like sharing with you.

My wife and I were in the Netherlands (Holland) during the summer break. We came across a new upcoming artist (discovered on MTV): DOTAN. ishot-0909141We liked his music, rythm and song. We took down the artist’s name, so when back home in Paris (France) we could go (like we usually do) to iTunes store and download this new song into our library.

Surprisingly, we couldn’t!! Dotan’s song was (an still is) only available on the Netherlands iTunes store (not the French one).  My wife (being Dutch), tried to get an iTunes account in the Netherlands (giving her parents Dutch address)… that doesn’t worked either: the credit card details were France based!

Frustrated… YES!

Dotan is from the net generation, using social media to share his content. He has his own web site (and blog), his Facebook, MySpace and Hyves page, and his music video clip is available on YouTube.

So you can stream it as many times you want on your PC, your iPOD, iPhone etc… but you cannot own it!

For the last 5 years, I’ve been in the entertainment industry, working weekly with producers, rights-holders, authors, software vendors (such as Apple and Microsoft), has dealt with DRM issues, content identification, fingerprinting, watermarking and all these filtering technologies used by YouTube, Dailymotion and others… and had great difficulty to explain (simply) to my wife – a consumer – why it was SO DIFFICULT for her to get that song from a European artist, discovered in a European country, where goods are supposedly to circulate freely…!

As you may or not know, currently, most online retailers (including Apple) limit sales of digital media to either the countries in which they are based, or where the buyer is based, due to complex copyright rules and fees across Europe.  In fact, each E.U. country has its own collecting society, which has the exclusive right to collect royalties for the use of music of songwriters in that country. A percentage of the royalties is passed back to the artist who has contracted the society to look after its copyright.

The good news is that, apparently, music rights holders are nearing agreement on a pan-European music license, which would enable music to be bought online across the European Union, as stated last May by the European Commission (here). The commissioner Kroes notes Apple‘s statements that if iTunes is readily able to license rights on a multi-territorial basis from publishers and collecting societies, it would consider making its content available to all European consumers, including those in EU countries where iTunes is currently not available.

Let us hope that this multi-territorial music licensing issue is dealt with rapidly, so that consumers are (still) encouraged to ‘legally’ download and for Dotan to get his music out of the Dutch boundaries!