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Have you heard of Microsoft Tag?

Microsoft is sure making a lot of iPhone applications. Microsoft tag is one of this new mobile technology coming down the pipeline. Announced at CES early this year, Microsoft tag is an interactive 2D barcode .

You must have a cell phone with a camera.  You install the Microsoft tag reader (once) onto your mobile (available on iPhone Apps Store as ‘Tag Reader’) and you’re ready to snap it.

Try it here (after installing on your mobile phone the tag reader), and watch the video. 


The use of two-dimensional (2D) barcodes to integrate the real world with the online one is not entirely new; tech magazines like Network World have long published a 2D code in each issue, inviting readers to scan it with their phones for bonus content. QR codes, a specific breed of 2D barcodes, are wildly popular in Japan but have not taken hold elsewhere. Other companies are promoting ‘flashcodes’ like the French company Redshift helping you boost companies m-communication.

But what Microsoft Tag aims to do, is to make the whole process a no-brainer for all parties, first by making the Tags easy to generate and visually attractive, then by making native scanning apps for as many handhelds as possible.

Here are five ways retailers can put Tag to work today.

Official Microsoft Tag web site here.

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