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How GLITNER will enable European film companies to access the VoD online market?

In Europe companies are not vertically integrated, therefore need to pool their resources and catalogues in order to become valuable commercial partners for broadcasters, telcos, ISPs, cable companies, content aggregators, VoD platforms all hungry and seeking content. If it requires an army of lawyers to negotiate on a company-by-company and a territory-by-territory basis, they will not bother.

Film companies can have the choice to move towards some kind of collective licensing model, which is new to the film business because film companies (in contrast with music) have always dealt on an individual licensing basis.
So far it is only in relation to the exploitation of cable retransmission rights through AGICOA (the Association of International Collective Management of Audiovisual Works – based in Geneva) that film producers have so far been acting on a collective basis.

We thinh that European producers have to create a legitimate market because without it the VoD market will be taken over by pirates. What has protected the film industry so far is simply the fact that it takes much more time to download a film than to download a song, but this has now changed with the massive adoption of broadband access.

In addition, producers have an interest in developing the market because of their interest in having as many competitors as possible in the market place, avoiding a situation whereby the market is controlled by one or two dominant players. Thus, the more they make content available on a non-exclusive basis, the more players the market will have and the more competitive it is going to be.

Ultimately the financial success of VoD depends on the ability of rights holders to facilitate the acquisition of licences through one stop shops.

This is what GLITNER is aimed to be: an online B2B one-stop-shop e-market place (watch the short video), where rights holders declare their VoD rights, gain access to distribution professionals/aggregators, VoD platforms, create, upload & manage all elements related to their content (trailers, metadata, press kits), search & test ranking of their titles (helped by SEO), run & manage push emails, news release campaigns and many other value added services tailored for the VoD distribution.

GLITNER  is supported by MEDIA and will be soon be launching its blog and beta service.

Stay tuned…

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